GSD Course Bulletin - Fall 2013

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Courses taught by Beth Altringer

06271: The Innovative Practice: Finding, Building and Leading Good Ideas with Others (at SEAS) (SCI 0627100)

Seminar Workshop - 4 credits
Monday Wednesday 9:00 - 11:00  

Beth Altringer

Course Description

SEAS Engineering Sciences 21. Catalog Number: 70925
Enrollment: Limited to 25. Permission of instructor required.
EXAM GROUP: 12, 13

Please check the FAS schedule for room information.

Students gain experience overcoming many under-represented challenges of becoming an innovator, including: identifying your intrinsic motivations, finding related good ideas, working effectively with others to develop them, and leading innovative professional projects to implementation. Students apply human-centered design processes (observing, interpreting, ideating, testing, refining, planning) to stimulate innovation, negotiate, strategize, and build and lead cooperative teams. Features guest speakers from industry, academia, and involves collaborating with cutting-edge companies.

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