GSD Course Bulletin - Spring 2014

FACULTY DETAILS - Richard Peiser

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05212: Field Studies in Real Estate, Planning, and Urban Design: East Chicago, IN and Malden, MA (SES 0521200)
Richard Peiser
Urban Planning and Design
Lecture Workshop - 4 credits
Wednesday 1:30 - 4:30   Gund 109

05275 [M3]: Advanced Real Estate Finance (SES 0527500)
Richard Peiser
Urban Planning and Design
Lecture - 2 credits
Monday Wednesday 4:30 - 6:00   Gund 109

09201: Independent Study by Candidates for Masters Degrees (ADV 0920100)
Beth Altringer, Neil Brenner, Joan Busquets, Felipe Correa, Diane Davis, Peter Del Tredici, Sonja Duempelmann, Ed Eigen, K. Michael Hays, Michael Hooper, Jane Hutton, Niall Kirkwood, Joyce Klein-Rosenthal, Sanford Kwinter, Kiel Moe, Richard Peiser, Robert Pietrusko, Peter Rowe, David Sanderson, Jorge Silvetti, James Stockard, Maryann Thompson, Bing Wang, Matthew Wilson, Cameron Wu, Ann Forsyth, Rahul Mehrotra
Independent Study - 4 credits

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