GSD Course Bulletin - Spring 2014

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Courses taught by Mack Scogin

01312: "You Can't Die in Disney World" A ZOO (as in chaos) (STU 0131200)

Option Studio - 8 credits - Limited enrollment
Wednesday Thursday 2:00 - 6:00  

Mack Scogin

Course Description

" You Can't Die in Disney World "
( as in chaos )

A current visit to the Disciplinary Zoo of Architecture Now ( DZOAN ) would include at a minimum:

· A Pavilion of Positions
A series of multi-environmental
conditions housing a collection
of Positional Species of
imperceptible differences

· A Conservatory of Form
An unsustainable collection of
look-At-Me's, each requiring an
exceptional, one-of-a-kind,
hermetic, protective enclosure

· An Inneractive Observatory of
Multi-disciplinary Conceits
A series of blended entrapments
designed to seduce the
uncommitted soul of a creative

· A Maze of Mis/Dis-Placed Cultural
Acts of Architectural Transplants
A virtual environment of every-
where- nowhere-anywhere
simultaneous realities

· A Laboratory of Endless Organific
A Cabinet of Computational
Curiosities - exotic electronica

· A Wax Museum of Ten "Special"
The Magician
The Hawk
The Accent
The Narrow
The Super Narrow
The Narrowest
The Exclusive Inclusive
The All Inclusive
The Brain
The Drain

· A Classroom for Teaching
An enormous undistinguished
space of infinite media
resources - void of any presence
of the humane

This studio will take a visit to the DZOAN and make some personal Architecture.
We will meet each week on Wednesday and Thursday (maybe with an occasional exception).
Each student will select a site and be assigned a different program to bring to the zoo.
The studio is intended for architecture students.

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09301: Independent Thesis in Satisfaction of Degree MArch (ADV 0930100)

Research Seminar - 12 credits

Jeffry Burchard, Preston Scott Cohen, Eric Howeler, Timothy Hyde, Florian Idenburg, Alex Krieger, Sanford Kwinter, Grace La, Christopher Lee, Mark Mulligan, Paul Nakazawa, Antoine Picon, Ingeborg Rocker, Mack Scogin, Jorge Silvetti, Maryann Thompson, Charles Waldheim, Elizabeth Whittaker, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Cameron Wu, Ed Eigen

Course Description

Following preparation in GSD 9203, each student conducts a design exploration that tests and expands the thesis.Prerequisites: GSD 9203

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