GSD Course Bulletin - Spring 2014

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Courses taught by Frank Apeseche

05276 [M4]: Building and Leading Real Estate Enterprises and Entrepreneurship (SES 0527600)

Urban Planning and Design
Lecture - 2 credits
This course is a module. It lasts the second half of the semester only.
Monday Wednesday 4:30 - 6:00   Gund 109

Frank Apeseche

Course Description

This course focusses on how you conceive, start, manage and lead successful real estate companies. By virtue of the industry in which they compete, real estate companies are almost always founded and developed by entrepreneurs. A few grow to become category killers; others are able to compete in a crowded and competitive landscape. Many, however, are eventually closed down; sometimes as a result of significant market economic shifts, sometimes due to lack of good corporate strategy or execution capability, and sometimes due to the founder neglecting to institutionalize a lasting organization to succeed him or her.

Taught through a combination of lectures, cases and analytical problems, this course examines (primarily through the lens of real estate investment and development companies), the critical ingredients required to start, grow and lead long term competitive enterprises. The course will begin with an examination of how to optimize the performance of real properties and then migrate to the design and development of successful companies which own or service properties.

At the end of this course students should gain a deeper appreciation of how to develop a robust strategy, capital plan, corporate culture and adaptable execution capability that are part of every great real estate company. Students should also be able to construct a business plan for a simple start up. Students will be encouraged to think about how they may launch their own real estate enterprise during the course, and to make active use of the Harvard I-lab as they explore different company concepts.

Prerequisite: The course requires students to have already taken GSD 5204 or a comparable introductory course in real estate and real estate finance offered by other schools at Harvard. Introductory mathematical economics or micro economics is also desirable but not required.

Paired Course: Although not mandatory, this course is meant to be taken in conjunction with GSD 5275 which is also 2 credits and meets at the same time as 5276. GSD 5276 will build on many of the questions and concepts that 5275 postulates.

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05370: Environment, Economics, and Enterprise (SES 0537000)

Architecture, Urban Planning and Design
Seminar - 4 credits - Limited enrollment
Tuesday 11:30 - 2:00   Gund 505

Holly Samuelson, Frank Apeseche

Course Description

How can one optimize the benefits of environmental sustainability while generating a higher return on investment in buildings? Where are the opportunities for real estate initiatives that are highly functional, healthy, aesthetically pleasing and financially rewarding? The challenge to designers, developers, environmental consultants, policy-makers and other professionals lies in finding and communicating these synergies. This cross-disciplinary course will give students an approach to problem solving to help them contribute to thoughtful, high-impact decisions about design and construction that are both environmentally/socially impactful and economically effective.

At the end of the course students will be able to:
- identify sustainability opportunities for their projects. Identify sustainable/economic win-win solutions

- translate enhanced design into a project 's financial pro forma, and communicate the financial impact clearly to market makers

- complete accurate cost benefit economic analysis, with realistic assumptions on ability to finance and ability (if any) to obtain premium value on exit

- analyze market demand for projects with and without enhanced sustainability design

- think about how to finance their projects and where to go for capital

- explain their ideas in the language of decision-makers, from community groups to financial investors

Students from all GSD disciplines are encouraged to participate.

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