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Courses taught by Junya Ishigami

01317: Another nature (STU 0131700)

Option Studio - 8 credits - Limited enrollment
This course has an IRREGULAR meeting schedule. Please see full course description.
Tuesday Wednesday 2:00 - 6:00  

Junya Ishigami

Course Description

Currently, when considering the nature of architecture, isn’t it problematic to simply define it as an ‘artifact’ or ‘artificial environment’ that is conceived and constructed for people.

From such a limited point of view, we’ll find it impossible to resolve any of the widespread problems that face us today.

Instead, isn’t it necessary that we consider architecture from a broader perspective? Rather than limiting our understanding of architecture as an ‘environment for people,’ we need to foster a broad awareness of contemporary issues that incorporates all aspects of our surroundings.

Thinking beyond the scale and implications of the conventional artificial environments that we find in buildings, landscapes, or urban designs, we will consider an expanded notion of architecture that meets the demands of today’s society.

Irregular Schedule:
This studio has an irregular schedule.
23: Presentation
24: First Studio Class, (Introduction, lecture)
4: Class 2, Tuesday, (Pin-up 1)
5: Class 3, Wednesday, (Desk Crit #1)
Individual Skype meetings will take place between visits.
18: Class 4, Tuesday, (Pin-up 2)
19: Class 5, Wednesday, (Desk Crit #2) last meeting before the trip
4: Class 7, Tuesday, (Pin-up 3)
5: Class 8, Wednesday, Last Meeting before mid review
Individual Skype meetings will take place between visits.
17-22: Trip to Tokyo Mid-term Project review
8: Class 8, Tuesday, (Pin-up 4)
9: Class 9, Wednesday, (Desk Crit 4) - Open House for admitted Students
Individual Skype meetings will take place between visits.
22: Class 11, Tuesday, (Final Design Pin-up 5)
23: Class 12, Wednesday (Mock Final Pin-up 5)
Individual Skype meetings will take place between visits.

Sky Milner will be the Teaching Associate for this studio.

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