Concurrent Degrees Within the GSD

Students may concurrently pursue masters degrees in any two programs offered by the GSD. The minimum full-time residency for concurrent degrees is one academic year (two semesters) more than the residency requirement for the longer of the two programs. For many degree combinations, there is a recommended plan of study posted; see the links in the left sidebar. If a plan of study is not posted for a combination you are interested in, please contact the faculty program directors to learn more.

The plans of study recommend an order for pursuing various common combinations of degree programs; proceeding in a different order may increase the amount of time needed to complete both degrees. The posted plans are indicative only. Changes in curriculum, and the individual situations of students (such as advanced placement status in one or both programs), may lead to differences in requirements and sequencing. Each student will develop an individual official plan of study with the program directors for both programs.

If you apply to more than one program, you will need to submit a separate application fee and form for each program, and you must be admitted into each degree program independently. Currently enrolled students seeking admission to a second GSD degree program must follow the same procedures and apply by the same deadline as new applicants. Full concurrent degree policies are explained on the registrar's webpage.

Joint Degree Programs With Other Harvard Schools

Students may simultaneously pursue degrees offered by the Graduate School of Design and another Harvard University graduate school. The minimum full-time residency and curricular requirements at the GSD for students seeking joint degree status depend upon the degree program to which the student seeks admission at the Graduate School of Design.

Currently, joint degrees are available between the urban planning program at the GSD and public policy (MPP) or public administration (MPA) at HKS, public health (MPH) at HSPH, and law (JD) at HLS. For more information on individual joint degree options, see the links in the left sidebar.

To pursue a GSD degree concurrently with a degree from another Harvard school, you must be admitted into each school independently. Full joint degree policies are explained on the registrar's webpage.