Rapid Urbanism

With the world urbanizing at a staggering pace, every continent from China, Africa, Europe, and even the US, is building new cities from scratch; are these new towns proof of the unbreakable consensus that the city is our one and only common future?

The studio will conduct research into the phenomenon of rapid urbanism globally, learning from key examples of this trend around the world.

During the studio’s research phase, students will travel to the city of Luanda in Angola, a country whose population is estimated to triple by 2050.  Students will be tasked to understand the multiple facets of the city which make it an interesting case study, and envision how the city will cope with its massive projected growth?

Students will visit the recently constructed Nova Cidade de Kilamba which added thousands of homes, and which is ongoing as part of a plan by the city to build 1 million homes around the city.

This course has an irregular meeting schedule.

Reinier de Graaf will be in residence January 18, 19, 25 and 26, February 15, 16, 22, and 23, March 22 and 23, April 12 and 13, and April 30, May 1, or May 2 for Final Reviews.

Ricardo Solar Lezama, Instructor, will be in residence throughout the term and will meet with the studio weekly.