3D Site Modeling in Context

Textures and Diagrammatic Site Modeling in Sketchup

IN the early stages of site planning, it can be useful to consider buildings in terms of conceptual and typological terms. If the expression of a preliminary design seems to pay too much attention to such details as materiality, the audience and the conversation may be distracted buy these. Some of the questions that you might answer in an initial site plan for a developer may concern the potential of the site in terms of the square feet of floor area that might be built on a particular site, based on a zoning ordinance.

Such a study would begin with a lot of a particular size and a zoning ordinance that specifies the ratio (FAR) of buildable gross floor area (GFA) per square foot of lot area. The ordinance may also include areas of the site that have to be reserved for open space and parking, which also may in turn be driven by the amount of GFA allocated to particular uses. At this stage of design, the developer may have a notion of whethr the building will be a box or somewhat iconic, and what sort of programming may be desired, and it is useful to be able to express all of this without venturing too far into the area of actual architecture.

The following slides reveal how such a design might be fleshed out. This tutorial will cover the basics of creating measurng and organizing and thematicall coloring geometry usimng Sketchup.

Download the Finished Data

You could begin this exercise from scratch or if you want to take a look at the the finished model, here it is!