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Creating 3D Sketchup Models from GIS Data

p>The first sketchup tutorial, Sketchup 101 covered many of the basic elements of organizing geometry in sketchup, including how to begin a model with a georeferenced base model captured from Google's web-based, world-wide coverage of aerial imagery and terrain models. We shouldn't complain about such a cool, free resource. But still, it would be neat if we could download higher resolution images and finer terrain models and also the buildings! And as it happens, we can, do this if we have access to a gigital elevation model and a buildings layer in GIS.

The Sample Dataset

Right-click here to download the sample datasset and unzip it in the temp folder of your computer. You can open the arcmap map document, Map-Docs/compilation.mxd. You wil lfind the buildings layer in the GSD Metromodel group layer. If you don;t know anythign about GIS, you may want to take a look at the beginning GIS tutorial.