Cultivating Spatial Intelligence

Paul Cote: Geographic Information Systems Specialist

Paul & his plane table alidade Virtual Cities as Public Infrastructure


I worked at the Harvard Graduate School of Design frrom 1993 to 2013. My role was to help people use and organize information: to gain better understanding of places and they way they work; to make models that simulate to proposed changes in places; and to create effective presentations of these ideas. In all of this, I stress that the information, procedures and models that we compile and create should be properly organized so that they may be easily evaluated understood, reused and carried forward by our collaborators, critics and successors. Below, I organize links to some of the work I did while I had the pleasure of working at the Graduate School of Design. To see what I am up to lately, and for updated versions of some of these tutorials, visit my current home page at www.pbcgis.com.