3D Site Modeling in Context

Creating Sections in Sketchup

This page illustrates a workflow for exploring the geometry of street sections. In an earlier tutorial we started a model of a piece of Boston's Back Bay -- an area with many different types of public space. We can learn a lot from the Back Bay by going there and walking down Commonwealth Avenue or Newbuty Street or the interesting back Alleys behinid the houses, which have a very nice einclosed feel. If we want to take some of this feel into our own designs it will be useful to take dimensions of the orizontal expanse and the vertical confines of the different spaces. Measurements like these are difficult to do on the ground, but they are easy to do in our model!

A section is a way to discover and communicate a few critcal aspects of the shape of a space. Earlier tutorials covered A Mindset for Structuring Models in Sketchup. Some of the key concepts covered on that page that will make our work here easier is understanding how to articulate our model into groups and layers so that we can control it. IN this tutorial we will use our back bay model to practice creating illustrative sections.

Download the Sample Data