Sustainability Projects and Programs at the GSD

  • Gund Hall has the first restaurant on campus to incorporate composting. Single stream recycling introduced as well as compostable utensils, cups and plates.
  • The Graduate School of Design on average recycles 65% of it's waste stream including woodscraps from the Woodshop. Recycling has increased roughly 45% since 2004. (Based on data provided by the Harvard recycling office Spring 2012).
  • In 2009 Dyson hand dryers were installed in Gund Hall bathrooms. Using Dyson hand dryers creates a 95% cost saving vs. using paper towels. They also use 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers.
  • Chauhaus started the reusable mug program. The result: hundreds of cups are no longer thrown in the trash and mug owners receive a discount on coffee. 
  • Implemented the GSD Freecycle program encouraging reuse through the donation of goods within the GSD community. Take an item. Leave an item.
  • Switching from bottled water bubblers to filtered water. By doing so, there are no more truck deliveries and no more plastic bottles.
  • Over 150 ft. of bike racks are installed outside of Gund Hall on Quincy St. and Cambridge St. promoting a more ecological means of transportation for members of the GSD community.
  • Starting in 2006, roughly 40% of the Gund Hall roof has been converted to a Green Roof. 
  • Updating and replacing 40 year old HVAC cooling and heating units within Gund Hall. As of 2012 we are in Phase 3 of this project.
  • Lighting sensors introduced in the bathrooms and incorporating the use of low wattage light bulbs. (Wattage decreased from 32 watts per bulb to 26 watts)
  • Year to date the GSD has reduced GHG Emissions by 14.1% (University Goal is 30% by 2016).  Read More
  • Commencement 2011 and Commencement 2012 were both no waste events using 100% compostable materials

Recycle Your Cell Phone

  • We have a new Cell Phone Recycle program! Harvard Recycling sends phones out for reuse with the help of special needs students of high school age from the LABBB program.   Read More
  • Learn how to Wipe Data from your cell before recycling  Read More


  Harvard University Office For Sustainability

Sustainability at Harvard connects people across the University with information, tools, and inspiration for the challenge at hand: making Harvard sustainable for the long term.

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