The Harvard GSD Career Fair & Expo was held on March 26th. Participating employers were invited to offer advice to students. Here is some of their feedback.

Question: If you could offer advice to students regarding their presentation at future job interviews, what would that advice be?

♦  Be prompt when arriving for an interview, and have some comments about career goals prepared in advance.

♦  Be yourself, show who you are and how you think.

♦  Know at least a few key things about the employer (recent projects, etc.) that you can share in the interview.

♦  Come prepared to present your projects coherently, no need to talk about all of them but at least a couple that stand out. Keep the portfolio short, sweet and memorable. Show your best stuff. Show great artwork if you have it. Artwork can make a strong impression, and in many cases make you more memorable.

♦  Be mindful of the amount of time you spend talking about your student work. Focus on what is important about your experience at the GSD and how that will inform the job you are pursuing.

♦  Project confidence. Practice presenting the portfolio succinctly and to the point. Be simple and clean with the graphic design in the resume and portfolio.

Resources: Career Services: Career Resource Library: Career Advice

Summer 2013
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