Summer 2014 Community Service Fellows

10-week Summer Internships
The following students were awarded funding for 10-week summer internships in nonprofit or government settings. The 2014 Community Service Summer Fellows are:

Gege Wang (MLA I 2016) will be working with the Community Design Resource Center of Boston (CDRC) to undertake the special project of creating a “Fit City Boston” book(let). The project outlines Fit City design concepts, catalogs related design projects by the CDRC and others, and highlights examples of Fit design principles by Boston area architects and/or in Boston area neighborhoods.

Carly Gertler (MArch I AP 2015) will be working with the MASS Design Group (Boston office) and the African Wildlife Foundation to support the strategic visioning, conceptual design, and design development for the ACS schools in Rwanda.

Jean You (MAUD/MDes 2015) will be interning with the City of Cambridge Dept. of Public Works. The focus of her project involves leading the development of an interactive web/mobile platform that capitalizes on the large quantities of materials left on the curbs during the annual student moves on June 1st and September 1st.

Jefferson Mao (MUP 2015) will be interning with Just-A-Start in Cambridge. He will be conducting market analysis of Cambridge low income home owners and their need for home improvement loans (HIP), researching best practices nationally for similar HUD funded HIP programs, management and file review for HIP clients, and developing marketing material (including website) to help increase use of subsidized home improvement loans.

Jennifer Saura (MLA I 2015) will be working with the Quito Lab in Cambridge (in collaboration with MIT Media Lab). She will be conducting research to explore the impact of technology and innovation on improving opportunities for students and others living in the greater community of Quito, Ecuador. Jennifer will be working with Ramiro Almeida (Loeb Fellow ‘13), Founder and Director of Quito Lab.  (Funding through the Doebele Fellowship).

Jon Springfield (MUP 2015) will be interning with the Department of Neighborhood Development, City of Boston.  Jon will be combining on-the-ground community engagement with data collection, asset mapping, and policy writing to provide DND with important and actionable data regarding their Choice Neighborhood Grant implementation process. 

Joyce Lee (MUP 2015) will be working with the Affordable Housing Institute in Boston, an organization which researches and recommends policies to better serve urban communities facing housing challenges. She will participate in research related to rapid migration to concentrated areas, whether for religious, recreational, post-disaster, or refugee purposes. Joyce will also be writing a blog on global housing issues.

Kanika Arora (MDes 2015) will be working with the Boston Redevelopment Authority.  She will be researching and studying the E+ programs to develop a compilation of ‘best practices’ to promote and further advance building practices related to neighborhood development and energy efficient affordable housing.

Margaret Scott (MUP 2015) will be an intern at the HUD Office for International and Philanthropic Innovation (IPI) in Washington, D.C. Her summer work will focus on research initiatives and writing through a series of “white papers” to be used by IPI, the Policy Development and Research Department (PD&R).

Michael Haggerty (MArch I 2017) will be working with MASS Design Group in Boston. He will primarily work to develop a guide for participatory methods and constituency engagement that the office will utilize for outreach, project development, and design. 

Harvard Club of New York Fellows
The Harvard Club of New York has graciously provided funding this summer for community service fellowships in the New York area. Three students have been selected for fellowships. They are:

Andrew Cantu (MUP 2015) - will be interning with the New York City Department of City Planning, in the Manhattan Office. He will be working on two projects. The LES/Two Bridges/East Village study will be centered around resilience for much of the public housing that can be found in this area. The West Chelsea study will similarly focus in on resiliency. In both cases Andy will assist with the analysis of data.

Zachery LeMel (MUP 2015) - will be interning with The Lowline.  He will be working on the Lowline Young Designers Program, specifically the summer programs at the Center for Architecture and Abrons Arts Center and support additional community outreach events and activities, including concerts, street fairs, public talks, small business initiatives, etc. Working with the Director, Zack will help with preparing for negotiations and key meetings with city, state, and federal agencies. He will also assist with online content production and digital engagement.

Jonathan Sandor Goldman (MUP 2015) - will be interning with the Waterfront and Open Space Division of the NYC Department of City Planning. He will work closely with staff members to review proposals for development and rezoning within New York City’s coastal zone. Jonathan will also author a research report on the impacts of sea level rise in Jamaica Bay.

2013-14 International Travel Award Winners

  • There are two kinds of international travel awards for GSD students. Both are administered by Career Services. The Paul M. Heffernan International Travel Award funds a student to travel internationally to extend the academic experience. This academic year, we had 5 student winners. They are:

Julie Deborah Mercier (MDes 2015) who will be traveling this summer to conduct community-based research in Paraguay and surrounding nations; Margaret Scott (MUP 2015) who traveled to Colombia in March to participate in the World Urban Forum 7 with HUD; Ashley Mendelsohn (MDes 2014) who traveled to Cape Town to work with the District Six Museum; and Rachel Dao (MArch I 2014) and Sumaia Alamoudi (MArch I 2014). Rachel and Sumaia travelled extensively in the Middle East in January to research Islamic architecture.

  • The second kind of award is to support overseas travel for students who are performing community service. This year’s CSFP International Travel winners are:

Amanda Huang (MAUD/MDes 2015), who will travel to Nairobi to work as a summer intern with UN Habitat; Conner Maher (MDes 2015), who will travel to Amman Jordan to volunteer with Questscope; My Tam Nguyen (MUP 2015), who will travel to Paris, France to work with the Municipal Governance; Sarah Bolivar (MLA I 2016), who will travel to Nepal to volunteer with the Kopila Valley Children’s Home; and Michael Lee (MDes 2015) and Jessica Sevilla Ruiz Esparza, (MDes 2015). Michael and Jessica will be volunteering with MARTadero on an arts and culture project in Bolivia.

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