Community Service Fellowship Program

All GSD students with appropriate work experience, who will be returning to the GSD in the fall following the Fellowship are eligible to apply for funding. Students who are awarded fellowships earn $7,000 for 10 week internships. 

The Community Service Fellowship Program (CSFP) provides opportunities for GSD students to extend their design education beyond the studio walls of the Graduate School of Design through direct involvement with projects that address public needs and community concerns at the local level. Students in the Program work with local community organizations, federal and state agencies, and non-profit institutions, which benefit from student assistance with design and/or planning projects that they would not ordinarily be able to afford.

Applications are carefully reviewed by Committee. The fellowships are competitive and we cannot guarantee funding to every student who applies for a community service fellowship. 

The CSFP Mission

The main mission of the Community Service Fellowship Program is to expose students to new challenges and methods of working, and to encourage them to explore connections between the research interests they pursue at School and existing local community needs. The Program also provides an opportunity for students to defray their tuition costs while gaining relevant work experience.

Through this program, students can apply for summer employment fellowships in agencies that address issues in design and planning that serve the public interests of communities. It is intended to increase and enhance the school's contact with, and relationship to, the outside world and to offer students an opportunity to explore new uses and applications for the skills they have acquired through studies at the GSD.

Summer Internship CSFP Fellowships are 10 week paid summer internships with local community organizations, state and federal agencies and non-profit organizations. GSD students may develop their own projects and fellowship sites. View additional details about the Community Service Fellowship Program—Summer Internships.

International Travel CSFP Fellowships provide funding to help GSD students travel to overseas destinations to perform community service throughout the year, in projects of varying durations. Funding is focused upon helping students with travel expenses. View additional details about the Community Service Fellowship Program—International Travel Awards.

9 Women Who Are Rocking Public Interest Design
Two Community Service Fellow Alumni are spotlighted for their contributions to public interest design - Marika Shioiri-Clark; and Chelina Odbert, 1 of 15 emerging innovators leading social change.

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