Recruiting at the GSD

There are several opportunities for employers to connect with GSD students. To participate in one of our events, please contact us.

Virtual Career Fair for Summer Internships and Jobs for Mid-Year Graduates, Annual January Event

Recruit GSD students to meet your staffing needs for mid-year, full time hires. Employers are also invited to send job and internship postings to Anne Creamer at

Annual Spring GSD Career Fair and Interview Day
This event is open to employers by invitation only.

On Campus Recruiting/On Campus Interviews

Schedule a date to conduct first-round interviews at the GSD. Generally interviews are schedled between mid-February to early April. Career Services will advertise your opportunities, and students will send resumes and design samples directly to you. Prescreen resumes and select the candidates who most closely match your needs. Please contact us at least four weeks in advance.

Information Sessions

Schedule an on-campus information session to describe your organization, the employment and/or internship opportunities available, and your application process. Please contact us at least four weeks in advance.

Posting Jobs and Internships

Career Services will advertise your job postings and invite students to submit their resume directly to you. To advertise your opportunity to students and alumni, please email Anne Creamer.

Resources: Career Services: Recruiting

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