Email @ GSD

The GSD provides Email services to all faculty, staff and students. Each service varies depending on your role a t the school.


Are issued an email address in the form of which is an 'alias' not a mailbox. Your alias will redirect mail to a mailbox of your choosing.


Use the Harvard Central Exchange/Outlook Email system (also called IceMail)


Options are mixed ranging from an alias to an Exchange Account.


Outlook Web Access (OWA) for Harvard University Exchange users, is located at

EMail Quotas

EMail mailboxes, just like physical ones, have a finite volume, or 'quota'. When your quota for stored mail is exceeded, you will no longer be able to receive mail; senders will receive a message to that effect, in extreme cases you may also be una ble to send mail or delete mail from that account. Each system (Exchange, Google or your own solution) has a quota, and dif ferent mechanisms for checking and managing your quota.

Check with the documentation for your system, or contact helpdesk, if you don't know how to check your email quota. Having a regular system for deleting old messages, or storing them outside of the mailbox (on a folder on your hard disk, or copied to DVD, etc.) is a necessary part of EMail management.

How do I forward my email after graduation?

Check out: post.harvard, a lifetime email forward ing service offered by the Harvard Alumni Association.

EMail Security and Privacy

In general, EMail is a potentially insecure medium, and should not be used for transmittal of confidential information, or a ny message you would not wish to see posted on a public bulletin board or accidentally sent to the wrong person (this latter happens frequently!)

Resources: Computer Resources: EMail

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