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The Computer Resources Group supports students, faculty and staff, and maintains public hardware and software in the GSD. We strive to make it easy for all users to use computing facilities, learn skills, find help, and report problems. The quality and productivity of the computing environment at the GSD is our concern, but to a very large degree the quality of the environment and our ability to work efficiently depends on the contributions of all users.

How to get Help
  • Walk in and get help, we are located in the Lower Level of the Francis Loeb Library
  • Email Help Desk at
  • Phone Help Desk at (617) 496-3810
Staff and Hours of Operation

Computer Resources is generally open from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.  Student Interns usually work in the evenings 5-10 pm, and weekends 10am-10pm to help with printers and plotters and answer common questions.

When you encounter a problem, with the network or software, please contact Help Desk so we can know about the problem and can attempt to resolve it as quickly as possible. The staff of Computer Resources all answer a variety of helpdesk calls, and we all have different areas of expertise to call on. Your call is tracked and passed to the appropriate individual. Calls are answered and responded to in order of PRIORITY, not necessarily in the order that they are received.


Computer Resources cannot solve all your computer problems. We focus on assisting people to connect to the GSD network from their GSD computer. We strive to make people productive on their computers. We do not repair hardware problems, but we can help connect you with a qualified technician who may be able to come to Gund Hall to help with repairs, installations, etc. We do not give tutorials on software applications, though these are frequenrtly offered at the GSD. We generally know the basics of all software we supply over the GSD network, but not as 'experts', and we cannot support every application you may have on your computer. We strive to make a rich, secure digital enviromment in which you can be both self-reliant and productive.

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