Computer Resources Vending Machine

The Computer Resources Vending Machine is wholly owned by Computer Resources. The idea is to make commonly needed items available to you 24 hours a day, saving you a trip into Harvard Square. 


The items that are available include ethernet cables, computer locks, SD cards, thumb drives and more. The items available may change based on what we have in stock, and what has been getting stuck in the machine lately. We welcome suggestions for items to sell in the machine, though it is sometimes tough to get certain things to vend properly.


We aren't able to get things at wholesale prices so it is impossible to offer them at a deep discount. We do sometimes get a discount just for buying a lot of stuff from Staples at once, and when we do the prices reflect that. Basically though, we just round up to the nearest quarter from the cost of buying from Staples. (This yields no profit, as it doesn't even cover the cost of the machine.)

Please do not shake the machine trying to get free stuff.  CRG provides this machine as a convenience to you. As soon as it becomes profitable, we'll let you know, and then you can resume shaking the machine for free stuff.

Crimson Cash

A Crimson Cash card reader is installed and it is the only currency the vending machine accepts.  For more information on Crimson Cash, visit the following web site

Have an idea for something useful to sell out of the machine? Email:

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