Apply for a Job with Computer Resources

This is the place for enrolled students to apply for a part-time 'Technical Assistant' (TA) position with the Computer Resources Group.

Becoming a CR Technical Assistant

After Hours Help Desk Staff

The After Hours Help Desk Staff is trained to provide assistance to students on all matters related to computing, printing, using resources, and installing software, etc.


TAs work fixed 3-4 hour shifts, and are paid an hourly wage. They benefit from access to 'inside knowledge' and opportunities within the Computer Resources Group.


Work-Study eligibility is a plus, but not required. For information on how to apply or questions on qualifying for the Federal Work-Study Program, contact the Office of Financial Assistance.

To Apply

Stop by Computer Resources, Room 520 and introduce yourself. Attach a resume and make sure to outline any computer experience you may have and identify any aspect of computing or computer-aided design you are especially talent

Resources: Computer Resources: Welcome: Jobs

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