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Technology Research and Teaching

The program in technology at the Harvard Design School focuses on the role of environmental, structural, material, process and other technological concerns in the study and making of built form in architecture, landscape architecture and urban design. Technology looks at the future of design informed and inspired by cutting-edge technological developments.

The program comprises coursework that broadly covers the history, current state and future prospectus of technology. Research activities by faculty and advanced degree student explore selected topics in depth, and by doing so often bridge traditional disciplinary boundaries. Current research includes nanomaterials, design for robotics, interactive and smart environments, sustainability, design collaboration, Building Information Modeling, and other topics.

The program is closely linked with other programs in the school that deal with history and theory, design computation and digital media, product design and related areas. The program is supported by an extensive infrastructure of physical laboratory facilities and computational environments.

A research cluster that formed as part of the GSD's Research Advancement Initiative pursue funded research projects, and also support student research thesis:

Design Robotics Group

Resources: Fabrication Laboratory: Building Technology

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