Doctor of Design – Financial Aid

Applicants for the Doctor of Design Program (DDes) should be aware of the following aid options:

1.  All students admitted to the Doctor of Design program may have a portion of their tuition covered by GSD grant and/or GSD Teaching Fellowship during the first two years of the program, depending on other sources of financial aid.  While applicants do not need to apply for aid to receive the GSD support, the GSD Financial Aid Disclosure Form must be submitted before any awards can be offered. The form will be accessible through our online application system. This system will be available to students shortly. You will receive an email to the address you utilized to submit your application once the link goes live. Please follow the instructions below after you receive the notification:

You can log on to the financial aid system by following this link:  Your username will be the email address you provided to the Admissions Office, thereafter you will need to create a secure PIN after you log in for the first time.  We will not have access to your PIN, so please keep a record of your PIN for future reference.

You will also be able to utilize this site to access various other items regarding your financial aid, including any missing forms and ultimately your final financial aid package. 

The GSD Financial Aid Disclosure Form must be submitted in February of 2015.  GSD aid sources may be adjusted to reflect other sources of financial assistance.

2.  All DDes applicants are encouraged to review the options for Restricted Scholarships. To apply for these scholarships please indicate your interest on our online system. You can find more information about this process on our Applying for Restricted Scholarships page.

3.  DDes students who are US citizens or permanent residents may also apply for federal awards by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA will be available online on 1/1/2015. Admitted students will be informed about their financial aid at the time of admission decisions provided they have applied by the February 2015 deadline.

 4.  Also, please review our information about Outside Scholarships.

 5.  Alternative loan options are also available for International and Domestic Students. Details are communicated to incoming students during the summer prior to enrollment.

Resources: Financial Aid: All Students in the GSD Doctor of Design Program

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