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Also known as FWSP or "Work-Study", the Federal Work-Study Program is an employment program for some, but not all, financial aid recipients. Work-Study eligibility is noted in financial aid award letters as "Federal Work-Study." Students on work-study are full time students, U.S. citizens or permanent residents, who qualify for federal financial aid based on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and other financial aid application information.

Off-Campus Work-Study

If you have received an off-campus work-study job, go directly to the Harvard Student Employment Office website to complete the referral form specific to off-campus jobs (

On-Campus Work-Study
Once you have found a job and wish to use work-study, you must complete the on-line work-study referral form. (Please see the questions section if you wish to specify how much of your work-study allotment you wish to apply to a specific job.)

How to Complete the On-Line Referral Form:

  • First please see the payroll coordinator for your hiring department. The payroll coordinator will give you the information you need to complete the on-line work-study form. If you are working on campus, but outside the GSD, you should contact your payroll coordinator for job details.
  • Then complete the on-line referral form at, filling in all the sections and submit the form electronically to the Student Employment Office.
  • You will receive an email confirmation from the Student Employment Office of your work-study eligibility. Print out the email and submit it, with your hire paperwork, to the appropriate payroll coordinator.


Attached is a list of the payroll coordinators for the Graduate School of Design.
If you do not know your supervisors contact information, please use the Harvard directory at:


  • How do I apply my work-study to multiple jobs?

The first time you complete the on-line referral form, 100% of your work study award will default to that job. If you fill out additional referral cards you will receive an email from the Student Employment Office asking you to send them the appropriate allocations for all of your positions. If you wish to change your ceiling or move your allotment from one job to another after this initial contact, you must contact the Student Employment Office at or call 617-495-2585.

  • Do I have to complete an on-line referral form for each job or will one form cover all my work-study jobs?

You must complete an on-line work-study form for each work-study job. If you wish to change your work-study allocations for jobs you must contact the Student Employment Office at or call 617-495-2585.

  • How do I know who the payroll coordinator is for my job?

Your supervisor should be able to tell you who the payroll coordinator is for the department. If they cannot, please see the attached list of payroll coordinators for the GSD. If you are working on-campus, but not at the GSD, check with your supervisor for payroll information.

Resources: Financial Aid: Student Employment: Federal Work Study Information

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