Important Design School Dates for Fall 2015

Important Design School Dates for Spring 2016 

Cross-Registration Partner Schools: Catalogs and Academic Calendars

Inside Harvard

Outside Harvard



For information on the cross-registration process at Harvard, visit the Harvard University Course Catalog.

These instructions are also mapped out on the Cross-Registration Handout available here and in the hallway in front of the Student Services Office (Gund Hall 422).

Tips and Helpful Information:
  • Make sure you are signed into with your HUID and PIN.
  • You may add multiple courses to your online Harvard-Harvard cross-registration petition form before submitting.
  • The required grading option for GSD students is ordinal/letter grade.
  • It can be helpful to email or speak to the instructor about your interest in cross-registering when sending an online petition.
  • Instructors will receive an email alert if students are interested in cross-registering for their course. Instructors approve or deny student requests online.
  • GSD students are not enrolled in a course until they receive email notification from the Host School registrar. 
  • Cross-Registering into MIT/Fletcher? Here's a link to the Non-Harvard Petition Form
  • Don't forget to also sign up for a placeholder on Gropius! 

Resources: Registrar: Registering: Cross-Registration Policies : Cross-Registration Dates

Material Performance: Fibrous Tectonics & Architectural Morphology
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