Design School Cross-Registration Policies

Each GSD student may take up to one-half of their course load in any term (with the exception of MDesS students who may not take more than the equivalent of 16 GSD units via cross-registration during their program without the approval of the program director) in one of these faculties, and these courses should not normally be subjects offered by the GSD. Students may take a maximum of two undergraduate level courses, at either Harvard College or Harvard Summer School (or a combination of the two), to be applied toward their GSD degree. Students will not receive credit toward the fulfillment of degree requirements for more than two courses taken at the undergraduate level (however, no more than two courses taken at the Summer School, at any level, can be applied toward their degree). It is the responsibility of each student interested in taking cross-registered courses to contact his or her Program Department to learn about specific cross-registration restrictions.

When cross-registering, students must abide by the dates and policies of the school in which the course is offered, unless the GSD deadlines are earlier (petitions are always due by the earlier deadline). Information on individual school cross-registration dates and policies can be found on the Student Cross-Registration portal or on the individual school websites listed below.

GSD students who wish to audit a course should make arrangements directly with the instructor. Audited courses are not recorded on transcripts. Students from outside of the GSD who wish to audit a GSD course should speak with the registrar in order to acquire a petition to audit.

Students who cross-register in to the GSD will be graded according to the GSD grading system; letter grades will not be awarded.

Cross-Registration Policies at other schools

Students should familiarize themselves with the policies and procedures outlined by the school into which they will be cross-registering.

Cross-Registration Policies Within Harvard
Cross-Registration Policies Outside Harvard

Resources: Registrar: Registering: Cross-Registration Policies

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