RegistraTION Procedures


Students who were registered in the fall semester do not need to fill out the registration forms in the spring.  Students returning from leaves of absence have until Monday, January 27 at 11:59 p.m. to register (filling out the Personal Information Update and Registration Agreement forms via GROPIUS) without a late fee. Students who register late will have a $30.00 fee charged to their term bills on a weekly basis until Friday, February 7, at which time they will be withdrawn from the GSD.  

Spring 2014 Important Deadlines

  • First studio option meetings will take place on Friday, January 24.
  • All other classes begin on Monday, January 27.
  • Registration (completing the registration agreement and info update forms) for students returning from leaves of absence via GROPIUS due by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, January 27.
  • Course selections due on Monday, February 3, by 11:59 p.m. via GROPIUS.
  • Cross-registration deadlines can be found at the university-wide cross-registration web site. Some cross-registration partner schools have early petition deadlines, so please familiarize yourself with them. Please check the cross-registration page for additional information, policies and procedures on cross-registration. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact the registrar's office.

The tuition for academic year 2013-2014 is U.S. $42,056 U.S. ($21,028 per term). Payment of charges for any given term must be made before students are permitted to register or add courses. Term bills for the fall term will be sent via e-mail in mid-July and payment will be due on August 5. Term bills for the spring term will be sent via e-mail in mid-December and payment will be due on January 2. Payments should be made online directly to Student Receivables. Students should examine the Student Receivables Office's FAQ.

Students must pay full tuition for at least the minimum number of terms of residency required by the degree program. Restrictions are placed on the awarding of degrees and diplomas, participation in commencement, and on the release of transcripts until all indebtedness to the university is satisfied.

Upon request, the university will permit students to pay their bills for the academic year in eight monthly installments. There is a service charge of $35 per term for this payment option.

Students using the monthly payment option must pay any back balance plus one-quarter of their charges for a given term before they will be permitted to add or drop courses for that term. GSD students who are negligent in making their monthly payments during one semester will not be permitted to use the option in subsequent semesters.

Activity Fee

The Activity Fee supports GSD Student Forum and student organization activities.

Resources: Registrar: Registering: Registration Procedures

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