Backgrounds Necessary for Spring 2016 Studio Options

Not all students in all programs will possess the capabilities necessary to undertake certain projects that may be proposed by critics. This information should be taken into consideration when you rank your choices on the lottery ballot. Please note that appropriate background means that you are currently enrolled in a degree program in this discipline, or previously obtained a degree in this discipline. Failure to select studios that you are eligible for will result in you being randomly assigned in a studio in which you are eligible.

 Studio  Critic Appropriate Disciplines/Backgrounds
 1314  Jorge Silvetti  Architecture
 1315  George L. Legendre  Architecture, Urban Design
 1316  Hanif Kara and Leire Asensio Villoria  Architecture, Urban Design
 1317  Florian Idenburg with Duncan Scovil  Architecture
 1318  Billie Tsien and Tod Williams  Architecture
 1319  Cristina Moreno and Efren Garcia Grinda  Architecture
 1320  Mack Scogin  Architecture
 1321  Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kaijima  Architecture
 1322  Scott Cohen  Architecture
 1406  Niall Kirkwood with Seiyong Kim  Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
 1407  Rosetta Elkin  ALL
 1408  Michel Desvigne and Inessa Hansch  Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
 1409  Adriaan Geuze and Daniel Vasini  Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
 1504  Diane Davis and Jose Castillo  ALL
 1505  Joan Busquets  Architecture, Urban Design
 1506  Alex Krieger  ALL
 1507  Rahul Mehrotra  Architecture, Urban Design,
 1508  Christopher Lee with Simon Whittle  Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
 1601  Jane Hutton, Kiel Moe  Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
 1602  Felipe Correa with Clayton Strange-Lee  Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design

Last updated 1/20/16




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