Backgrounds Necessary for Fall 2015 Studio Options

Not all students in all programs will possess the capabilities necessary to undertake certain projects that may be proposed by critics. This should be taken into consideration when you rank your choices on the lottery ballot. Studio instructors have provided the following information regarding the appropriate background, indicating student's current degree program or prior degree received, necessary for their studios. 

This information WILL be updated.

 Studio  Critic Appropriate Disciplines/Backgrounds
 1301  Inaki Abalos  Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning
 1302  Mark Lee and Sharon  Johnston-Lee  Architecture
 1303  Shohei Shigematsu and Christine Cheng  Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
 1304  Achim Menges  Architecture
 1305  Philippe Rahm  Architecture
 1306  Farshid Moussavi and James Khamsi  Architecture, Urban Design
 1307  Camilo Restrepo Ochoa  Architecture, Landscape Architecture
 1308  Kersten Geers and Dvaid Van Severen  ALL
 1309  Lola Sheppard and Mason White  Architecture
 1310  Rick Joy  Architecture
 1311  Ricardo Gordon  Architecture
 1312  Emanuel Christ and Christoph Gantenbein  Architecture
 1401  Joao Nunes and Joao Gomes da Silva  Landscape Architecture
 1402  Eelco Hooftman and Bridget Baines  Architecture, Landscape Architecture
 1403  Ken Smith  Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
 1404  Henri Baba  ALL
 1405  Martha Schwartz  Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning
 1501  Bernard Khoury  ALL
 1502  Dan D'Oca  ALL
 1503  Jean Pierre Crousse  Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design

Last updated 1/27/15 at 9:21 PM

Bold = Updated

 *Officially approved as appropriate for urban planning students.


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