Backgrounds Necessary for Spring 2014 Studio Options

Not all students in all programs will possess the capabilities necessary to undertake certain projects that may be proposed by critics. This should be taken into consideration when you rank your choices on the lottery ballot. Studio instructors have provided the following information regarding the appropriate backgrounds necessary for their studios. 

This information WILL be updated.

 Studio  Critic Appropriate Disciplines/Backgrounds
 1311  Toshiko Mori  Architecture
 1312  Mack Scogin  Architecture
 1313  Scott Cohen  Architecture
 1314  Jorge Silvetti  Architecture
 1315  George Legendre  Architecture, Urban Design
 1316  Jonathan Sergison & Stephen Bates  Architecture
 1317  Junya Ishigami  Architecture, Landscape Architecture, 
 Urban Design
 1318  Ciro Najle, Hanif Kara  Architecture, Landscape Architecture,
 Urban Design
 1319  Inaki Abalos with Matthias Schuler  Architecture, Urban Design
 1405  Karen M'Closkey & Keith VanDerSys  Landscape Architecture, Architecture
 1406  Michael Van Valkenburgh, Rosetta Elkin
 & Gullivar Shepard
 1407  Renee Daoust, Real Lestage, & Jane Hutton  All
 1408  Michel Desvigne & Inessa Hansch  Landscape Architecture, Architecture
 1409  Kongjian Yu, Adrian Blackwell
 & Stephen Ervin
 1504*  Diane Davis & Jose Castillo  All
 1505  Giancarlo Mazzanti with Camilo Restrepo  Architecture, Landscape Architecture, 
 Urban Design
 1506*  Peter Rowe  Architecture, Urban Planning, 
 Urban Design
 1507*  Henk Ovink  All
 1605*  Joan Busquets  All

Last updated 1/17/14

 *Officially approved as appropriate for urban planning students.

Bold = updated

Resources: Registrar: Registering: Studio Option Lottery: Backgrounds Necessary for Studio Options

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