Spring 2015 Student Travel Information and Costs for Option Studios

 Studio  Critic Site Location  Trip Date Estimated Cost to Student for Site Visit 
 1313  Preston Scott Cohen      
 1314  Jorge Silvetti      
 1315  George L. Legendre      
 1316  Kersten Geers      
 1317  Florian Idenburg      
 1318  Anne Lacaton and Marcos Garcia Rojo      
 1319  Jose Mateo      
 1320  Mack Scogin      
 1321  Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efren Garcia Grinda      
 1406  Inaki Echeverria      
 1407  Renee Daoust and Aisling O'Carroll      
 1408  Michel Desvigne and Inessa Hansch      
 1409  Adriaan Gueze, Claire Agre and Rachel Liazlo      
 1504  Jose Manuel Castillo and Diane Davis      
 1505  Joan Busquets      
 1506  Felipe Correa and Carlos Garciavelez Alfaro      
 1507  Rahul Mehrotra      
 1508  Michael Sorkin      

Last updated 12/19/2014. Bold information has been updated.

* Students selected for international studios should immediately proceed with getting their visas.



Resources: Registrar: Registering: Studio Option Lottery: Student Travel Information and Costs

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