Fall 2015 Student Travel Information and Costs for Option Studios

 Studio  Critic Site Location  Trip Date Estimated Cost to Student for Site Visit 
 1301 Inaki Abalos Each student will have separate programs and sites* Possible trip to Montreal, dates TBD.  Trip pending. If trip occurs, cost will be $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
 1302 Mark Lee and Sharon Johnston Chicago, Illinois September 29-October 2. $200 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
 1303 Shohei Shigematsu and Christine Cheng Philippines* Trip to Washington, DC September 29-30. Trip to Punalu'u, Hawaii October 28-November 4. Cost for trip to Washington, DC is $100 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals. Trip to Hawaii is $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
 1304 Achim Menges Material techniques and technologies N/A N/A
 1305 Philippe Rahm Climate as a new architectural language N/A N/A
 1306 Farshid Moussavi and James Khamsi California N/A N/A
 1307 Camilo Restrepo Ochoa Coffee plantations in the Colombia, Medellin area* October 5-10 $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
 1308 Kersten Geers and David Van Severen Prototypes, sites decided with students N/A N/A
 1309 Lola Sheppard and Mason White Newfoundland, Canada* Trip pending. If trip occurs, travel will take place October 10-16. Trip pending. If trip occurs, cost will be $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1310 Rick Joy Princeton University Day-trip to Princeton University, date TBD. Trip to Tucson, AZ, October 14-18. Cost for travel to Princeton University is meals and incidentals. Cost for travel to Tucson, AZ is $200 (term-billed)  plus meals and incidentals.
1311 Ricardo Bak Gordon Lisbon, Portugal* N/A N/A
1312 Emanuel Christ and Christoph Gantenbein St. Gallen, Switzerland* September 24-28 $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
 1401 Joao Nunes and Joao Gomes da Silva S. Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal* October 2-9 $300 (term billed) plus meals and incidentals.
 1402 Eelco Hooftman and Bridget Baines Boston Area Local travel, exact dates TBD Local travel, meals and incidentals.
 1403 Ken Smith New York, NY September 14-16 Cost will be travel to/from New York and two nights lodging, plus meals and incidentals. The GSD will reimburse each student up to $75 toward these expenses.
 1404 Henri Bava Strasbourg, France* N/A N/A
 1405 Martha Schwartz, with Markus Jatsch Moscow, Russia* Trip pending. If trip occurs, travel will take place September 28-October 4. Trip pending. If trip occurs, cost will be $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1502 Daniel D'Oca St. Louis, MO and Washington, DC Trip to St. Louis, MO, and Washington, DC the week of September 28. $200 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals. 
 1502 Jean Pierre Crousse, with Einat Rosenkrantz Lima, Peru* September 27-October 4 $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.

Last updated 9/11/2015.

* Students selected for traveling international studios should immediately proceed with getting their visas. Harvard Global Support Services will be available in the lobby of Gund Hall on Lottery Day from 10:30am-12pm to assist with travel inquiries.



Resources: Registrar: Registering: Studio Option Lottery: Student Travel Information and Costs

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