Student Transcripts

Graduate School of Design student transcripts are maintained permanently in the Office of Student Services. 

In order to request an official document, fully fill out and sign Document Request Form. Then the completed form may be submitted at the Student Services front desk or into the document drop box (next to the office door) in Gund Hall 422. The completed form may also be mailed, faxed (617.495.8949) or sent via email as a scan. While an original copy is not required, the Registrar needs to have your signature in order to process your request.

Transcripts that are intended for the student will be stamped "Issued to Student."

Official transcripts will not be provided for graduates who owe the university more than $500.

The Office of Student Services may issue copies of GSD transcripts only; requests for copies of transcripts from another institution must be made to that institution.

It is against Harvard Graduate School of Design policy to scan or fax these documents. If you are no longer a student at the GSD, you must request an official copy and then scan or fax the transcript at your discretion. Note that scanning or faxing your Official Transcript, along with breaking the seal of the envelope, will render the transcript as "Unofficial". If you are a current student and you are not required to have an official copy of a transcript, you can access and print the unofficial version by logging into GROPIUS. All your GROPIUS privileges and access will be lost the day after you graduate (no matter the Graduation Term), so make sure to print or save unofficial transcripts before graduation!

Expediting a Document Request

Rush Order: By requesting a Rush Order your Official Transcript will be processed within 24 hours after the receipt of your signed request. If you wish to have your document(s) mailed, the rush service does not include shipping time. A Rush Order will incur a $5 fee, which can be paid in cash or check (payable to Harvard University). The fee can be paid in-person or sent in the mail.

Expedited Shipping: All documents are sent from our office via regular First Class mail with no charge to the requestor. If you would like your document to be sent via expedited mail you can choose the FedEx option in your request. Please send us your FedEx Account number or a credit card where you shipping fees can be charged along with your Document Request Form.

Notarizing Documents

If you need our office to notarize a document, please request necessary documents (via Document Request Form) and make a note that you need notarization services. There is a $5 fee for notary services which must be paid by cash or check (payable to Harvard University) before we can process your request. 

Obtaining an Apostille

Students who are working abroad may need to obtain an Apostille for their diploma. To obtain an Apostille please submit a copy of your diploma, apostille fee (for State of Massachusetts), a signed Document Request form, the notarization fee described above to our office, a self-addressed and paid envelope, and a letter addressed explaining why you are requesting an apostille. We can either forward your documents to the Public Records Division or you can pick up your documents in our office if you are going to facilitate the processing.

If you are not currently in the area and will be taking care of this process via mail please review the instructions on the Public Records Division website to ensure proper delivery and payment. The Public Records Office charges a $6 fee per Apostille that can be covered by a check made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You will also be responsible for providing a postage paid, self-addressed envelope for the Public Records Office to return your documents to you. Lastly, please also include the country where you plan on utilizing the Apostille.

Resources: Registrar: Transcripts and Certifications: Transcripts

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