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All items with the call number VF NAB are only available on microfilm.
The microfilm collection is on the Lower Level. At the bottom of the staircase, angle left towards the far wall. Microfilm and microfiche are in the bright orange cabinets. There is a microfilm reader/printer next to the cabinets. Please ask at the Circulation or Reference Desks for assistance.

Does your VF NAB call number end with a 6-digit number that begins with a F ? Such as F123456?

  • If the answer is YES go to OPTION 1.
  • If the answer is NO go to OPTION 2.
  • If the call number on HOLLIS begins with VF NAB and ends MICRO F123456, 
    • For example: VF NAB 4184g30 Tor MICRO F102686
  • Then go to the microfilm drawers marked VF NAB and find the corresponding microfilm reel that has the number beginning with a F
    • For example: VF NAB 4184g30 Tor MICRO F102686 is on reel 53.
  • If the call number on HOLLIS begins with VF NAB, but does not have the words MICRO and a F-number 
    • For example: VF NAB 6827 Bost-Met
  • Then you must go to the small 6-drawer card catalog on the top right of the orange microfilm cabinets.
    • This is the catalog of the VF NAB collection in call number order. Each catalog card has the VF NAB call number written on the left side, a short author/title in the middle, and a number beginning with a F on the top middle.
    • This last number, the F-number, is important! 
  • Find your item and write down the F-number
    • For example: F106109 for VF NAB 6827 Bost-Met.
  • Go to the microfilm drawers where VF NAB is located (middle section, bottom two drawers). Look for the reel that your F-number corresponds to. 
    • For example: F106109 (VF NAB 6827 Bost-Met) is reel 115.
  • On the reel itself, before each item is a frame with the F-number written on it. You need only to advance the reel until you find your item. 

Please e-mail comments and suggestions to Desiree Goodwin, Billing and Reference Assistant.

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