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Special Collections Online Finding Aids

The following finding aids are available online from OASIS, Harvard University's Online Archival Search Information System:

Barnes, Edward Larrabee, 1915-2004. The Edward Larrabee Barnes Collection: An Inventory

Breuer, Marcel, 1902-1981. The Marcel Breuer Lectures Collection: An Inventory

Burle Marx Collection: An Inventory

CIAM Collection, 1928-1970: An Inventory

Collins, George Roseborough, 1917-. The George Collins Collection on Linear City Planning: An Inventory

Curutchet Collection, 1949-1979: An Inventory

Ferrari Hardoy, Jorge, 1914-1977. The Ferrari Hardoy Archive: An Inventory

Franzen, Ulrich, 1921-. The Architecture of Ulrich Franzen: An Inventory

GSD History Collection, Academic Affairs: An Inventory

GSD History Collection, Student Affairs - Student Work: An Inventory.

GSD History Collection, Administrative Affairs: An Inventory

Jackson House Collection: An Inventory

Mumford, Lewis (A Tribute), 1979-1982: An Inventory

Olmsted, John Charles, 1852-1920, Papers, 1860ca.-1920: An Inventory

Raymond, Eleanor. The Eleanor Raymond Collection: An Inventory

Photographs Collected by Henry Hobson Richardson, 1870-1885 (inclusive): An Inventory

Sert, Josep Lluis, 1902-1983. The Josep Lluis Sert Collection: An Inventory

Shurcliff, Arthur A., 1870-1957 and Shurcliff, Sidney N., 1906-1981, Papers, 1900ca.-1981: An Inventory

Smithson, Alison Margaret, 1928-1993 and Smithson, Peter, 1923-2003. The Alison and Peter Smithson Archive: An Inventory

Stubbins, Hugh, 1912-. Hugh Stubbins Archive, The Early Years Collection: An Inventory

Stubbins, Hugh, 1912-. Hugh Stubbins Archive, The Schools Collection: An Inventory

Vaughan Conrad, Louisa, 1913-2003. The Louisa Vaughan Conrad Collection: An Inventory

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