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The Loeb Reserve Instructions

The library will place on reserve materials that are required readings for courses taught at the Graduate School of Design. Reserve items are kept behind the circulation desk and circulate for three hours at a time. Placing required readings on reserve allows many students to access each item within a relatively short time period. Recommended or suggested readings are left in the open stacks. This allows those students doing more serious research to check them out for 4 weeks at a time, subject to recall if needed. 

In order to speed processing of reserve materials, reading lists and the syllabus for GSD courses should be received by the library as soon as possible. This allows time to order materials that the library does not own and to recall items that are currently circulating. 

Reading lists may be e-mailed or faxed (617-496-5929) to the Library. You may also send us updated lists as needed. Please send a copy of your course syllabus, as this is vital in order to know which materials are needed in the first few weeks of classes

The Reserve List Tool — part of the Web-Based Course Tool (Canvas) — may also be used to send requests for course reserves. The Tool stores and retrieves reserve lists from previous semesters and allows you to submit requests directly to the library. Specific instructions regarding the use of the Reserve List Tools and the Web-Based Course Tool (Canvas) are sent to GSD Faculty before the start of each semester.

Library staff work on reading lists in the order they are received, and we receive a large number of reserve lists during the first weeks of each semester. If a list is received well before the start of the semester most or all of the required readings will be available when students need them. During the first three weeks there is a backlog of lists awaiting processing, and processing can take much longer at this time (up to several weeks).

Please submit copies of any syllabus, reading list, bibliography, assignment, etc., well before these are issued to students. This allows us to place materials on reserve before they are checked out of the library and must be recalled.

The Library will attempt to acquire any in-print materials for your course that are not presently in the library's collection. We will purchase new titles, or copies, whenever possible. It will take an average of 2 to 4 weeks to obtain them, so we must know as soon as possible. We will attempt, as a last resort, to borrow out of print items from Widener or the Fine Arts Library–subject to their rules–and place them on reserve here. However, most Harvard libraries, (especially Lamont and Hilles) do not permit books to be transferred here for reserve.

The Library will not violate copyright regulations and will put on reserve original copies of monographs only. We will not place bound journals on reserve if only one or two articles are needed for a class. We will place on reserve photocopies of journal articles, chapters of out-of-print books, etc. if supplied by the instructor. The instructor is responsible for compliance with copyright regulations. We cannot borrow journals from other Harvard Libraries so you should consider supplying copies of articles not available here. All personal items must be cataloged and processed before they can be available to students. These take longer than processing library owned items. A minimum of two working days is required to prepare and process photocopies and other personal items for reserve. Allow additional processing time at the beginning of the semester. Photocopies should be placed in clearly labeled manila folders or in binders. All materials so supplied will be returned to the instructor at the end of the semester.

The library will provide access to course list materials at the Circulation Desk, though the Courseware and through the HOLLIS Catalog. Students may also use their course website to access reserve lists with links to the HOLLIS records or with direct links to library digital resources.  Instructors and students can see the current status of course readings as they are processed by library staff.

To speed reserve processing contact Bob Angilly directly before leaving materials that need to be placed on reserve. Bob is available Sunday 12-8, and Monday-Thursday 9-4.

If you have questions or suggestions please call Bob Angilly, Reserves Supervisor, at 495-9162 or contact him via e-mail at Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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