Frances Loeb Library

Equipment at Frances Loeb Library

Upper Level:  Computers:  There are 3 computers at/near the Service Desk specifically for searching library materials and GSD publication credit card purchases.

Lower Level:

Computers:  8 GSD-login computers (PCs & Macs) loaded with multiple software applications, by the carrels; 2 GSD-login and 4 public computers with basic apps, near the stairs.

Printers:  2 GSD-login black & white printers, by carrels and by stairs.  No non-GSD printing is available, however a no-login scanner is available.


Scanners are frequently in high demand and their use is limited to 15 minutes per patron when others are waiting.  Store files to your USB-drive.

High Speed scanners (2).  No login required. 

- New!  fast & simple overhead-type book scanner, by stairs

- Scanner with automatic document sheet feeder, by carrels. 

Flatbed scanners (5)  4 GSD-login flatbed scanners, by the carrels; and 1 (public/no log-in) with automatic sheet feeder for quick scanning of documents, by the stairs.  

Slide scanner (Visual Resources + Materials Collection): Available M-F 9a-4:30p. Maximum use time - two consecutive hours.  Save to a flash drive, CD, or DVD (bring storage medium with you). All work saved to the desktop will periodically be deleted. GSD-users can access their server space to save image files.

Photocopiers (2)  B&W only, letter & ledger-sized copies,  8½x11 copy 10¢; 11x17 20¢, takes CrimsonCash (not coins or dollars). CrimsonCash cards (with $1.00 value) are available for sale to patrons without HUID at the Service Desk for $2.00; value can be added to CrimsonCash and HUID cards online at The nearest Add-Value machine that accepts cash is at the Science Center.

TV/DVD/VCR (Visual Resources + Materials Collection): Two, small and large, VHS/DVD television sets, with headphones, available to accommodate one to five film-watchers.  For large groups please speak to Visual Resources staff to arrange a loan, and to Building Services for a room with equipment.

Copystand (Visual Resources + Materials Collection).  Please speak with VR staff for details.

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