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Participants in the study carrel lottery have been notificed of the results via email. 

Loeb Library study carrels, located on the library lower level, are available for students and visiting scholars of the Graduate School of Design.  File cabinets with locks are also available.

Carrels will be assigned to eligible applicants--GSD students without dedicated GSD workspace--via a lottery system; once all have been filled, subsequent applicants will be wait-listed. All applicants will receive email notification of their status.  Eligible wait-listed applicants will be offered a carrel as soon as one becomes available, on an ongoing basis.

Carrel Policies
  • Carrel assignments are for one semester, with a renewal option.  Items from other libraries and/or personal belongings are left on the carrel at the patron's risk.
  • Carrel holders are responsible for keeping them neat and for maintaining the condition of library materials left on the carrels.
  • Beverages are allowed only in spill proof containers in carrels and other areas in the library.  No food is allowed in the carrels.
  • If a carrel holder no longer needs their carrel they should notify Joanne Choi at 617-496-0904;; Room L06, to allow someone else the opportunity. 
Item and Checkout Policies
  • Frances Loeb Library books may be charged to a carrel for a maximum of one semester.
  • Carrel holder should bring books to the Service Desk to be charged to the carrel card; a Carrel Charge slip will be placed in each book, then the Carrel holder will bring the books back to their carrel.
  • Once charged to a carrel, books may be used only in the library.  If a carrel holder needs to use a book assigned to her or his carrel outside of the library he/she must bring the book to the Service Desk to charge out to their HUID.
  • Books charged to a carrel may be recalled, the same as books charged to HUIDs.
  • Books charged to a carrel and no longer needed should be returned to the Service Desk; all books should be returned by their due date.
  • Periodicals, reference books, reserve books, books from the Core Collection, VF and other materials with limited circulation may not be charged to a carrel; these will be cleared from carrels on a regular basis.
  • Books without Carrel Charge slips will be cleared from carrels on a regular basis.
File Cabinet Policies (Optional)
  • We reserve the right to inspect locked drawers at any time
  • Cabinets are available for assignment to carrel holders.  We require a $30 key deposit (cash, exact change), which is fully refundable upon return of the key.
  • Carrel-mates may each use one drawer of the shared two-drawer cabinet, so security is limited.
  • No Frances Loeb Library books or other materials may be kept in cabinets.
  • It is not recommended that students store valuables, such as laptops, in cabinets.  
  • The Loeb Library is not responsible for items stored in carrel cabinets, including personal property and library materials from other libraries.

Questions concerning carrels should be directed to:
Joanne Choi

Frances Loeb Library: Services: Carrels

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