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Scan & Deliver FAQ

What is S&D?
Scan & Deliver is a free, electronic document delivery service that enables Harvard students, faculty, staff, summer school students, and special borrowers with access to Harvard University Library’s electronic resources to request and obtain via the Internet portions of books or journal articles from Harvard University Library collections.  Requests are placed through HOLLIS and Classic HOLLIS and patrons receive a PDF of the material by email in 1-4 business days.  

Whom do I contact with questions?
Email: with questions regarding the service.  Questions about specific Scan & Deliver requests should be directed to the appropriate Home Library.

Am I eligible to use the service?
Harvard students, faculty, and staff
Extension School students in a degree program
Summer school students
Special Borrowers who have been granted access to HUL electronic resources
How do I know if I’m a Special Borrower with electronic resources access?
Contact your Home Library’s privileges office for more information about specific privileges information for Special Borrowers.

What can I request?
Over 10,000,000 library items are available for Scan &Deliver.  All course reserves, most special collections, and materials deemed too fragile or brittle for scanning are not eligible for the service.  All copyright restrictions apply.  The eligibility of materials is left to the discretion of the Supplying Library (i.e. the library that owns the materials).

How do I make a request?
All S&D orders must be placed through the HOLLIS or HOLLIS Classics catalogs.  If an item is eligible, the words “Scan&Deliver” will appear on the Availability screen for that item:

Click on Scan & Deliver and follow the prompts to log in.  If the item requested is already available online as part of Harvard University’s electronic resources, you will be directed to a screen with links to access this material:

Patrons who are not registered for ILL and S&D service will have to fill out a brief registration form the first time they use Scan & Deliver:

After you complete the registration form you must return to HOLLIS/HOLLIS Classic in order to re-submit their request (NOTE: this is only for the 1st time that you use the system).

How is my request processed?
Orders first go to the patron’s Home Library- i.e., the library associated with the school with which the patron is affiliated.  All FAS and Harvard University Central Administration patron requests are processed through Harvard College Library.  HCL also processes request for patrons with no faculty affiliation. 

If the home library owns the materials the order is fulfilled there.  If the material requested is owned by another Harvard library, the request is forwarded within one business day of receipt.

How do I know my scan is ready?
Patrons can track their Scan &Deliver orders by logging in to their account using the link to their appropriate Home Library below:

When the materials have been scanned, patrons receive an email with the link to view/download the PDF.

What if I accidentally delete the PDF?
A copy of the PDF remains on the server for 10 days after deletion.  The patron receives this information and is directed to contact their Home Library if they need another copy.

What are the terms of the service?
Supplying Libraries will process two S&D requests per patron per business day.  Patrons may request up to 1 journal article or 1 book chapter per request. Copyright restrictions apply.

Requests are filled in the order in which they are received, within one to four business days of receipt.  There are no rush orders. 

Why was my request cancelled?
The most common reasons orders cannot be processed are: copyright violation (requesting more than 1 article, 1 chapter), item is checked out or on hold, item is missing, or item is too fragile to scan or otherwise ineligible.  The eligibility of materials is left to the discretion of the Supplying Library.

How do I know if my request was cancelled?
The patron’s Home Library will send an email within one to four business days that explains that the order has been cancelled or delayed and provides alternative ways in which the patron might obtain the materials (e.g. ILL, Google Books). 

Who do I contact with questions regarding a specific request?
Patrons should contact their Home Library for any questions about or problems with their S&D request, including status inquiries and/or quality control issues. The Home Library is the library affiliated with your area of study:

The Home Library responsible for forwarding your scan requests to the library that holds the item.  This will happen within one business day of request receipt.  We will inform you of cancelled requests and answer any questions.  Contact us for problems concerning turnaround time, quality control, or any other service issues.

What Harvard libraries participate in the service as Supplying Libraries?
Andover Theology
Ernst Mayr
Fine Arts
Frances Loeb Design
Government Information Services (a division of Lamont)
Loeb Music
Physics Research
Woodberry Poetry Room
Additional libraries have made their holdings at the Harvard Depository eligible for scanning and may possibly participate in the service in the future

My home library isn’t listed, can I still place requests?
Yes, if you meet the criteria you can make a request for material where the “Scan&Deliver” link appears in the catalog.  The Harvard College Library serves all eligible patrons whose Home Library is not listed or who do not have a home library.

Can I request materials for coursepacks or reserves?
The libraries do not currently support scanning for coursepacks or reserves.   Contact your local Reserves unit with questions.

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