Ceramic Futures: Automation


This research studies two major challenges for ceramic products in the construction industry–the need for increasing product diversity and customization, and the mounting pressure to conform to ever higher standards of environmental performance in design and construction. Both aspects of ceramics are looked at through a holistic, process-centric research approach that includes all aspects of the ceramic lifecycle, from production, distribution, and installation to operation and eventual dismantling. The two challenges of customization and sustainability are distinct yet related through the common goal of waste reduction. The research, a collaboration with Prof. Christoph Reinhart's GSD Sustainable Design Group, looks at opportunities for the strategic integration of common digital design tools in a newly developed robotic production method. The research developed a modular, integrated workflow for performance analysis and robotic fabrication of customizable ceramic components. To learn more about Ceramic Futures, visit: Team: Nathan King, Anthony Kane, Justin Lavallee, Corey Yurokowich, Ben Tew, GS(D)^2: Prof. Christoph Reinhart, Shelby Doyle, Jeff Niemasz, Jon Sarget Sponsor: ASCER Tile of Spain Rendering: Jan Kokol Video Editing: Carnaven Chiu The Design Robotics Group focuses on funded research and other projects. We work with industrial partners, industry associations, students, faculty and staff of the GSD, as well as with other groups at the University. For more information, visit: To read more about the Ceramic Futures project, visit:

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