Harvard GSD Conference on Design I: Liminal Objects -Design and the Museum


Design is a complex cultural practice that exists between the scale of architecture and the human body, among a myriad of industries and crafts and an equally wide array of end uses. Along with Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, and Landscape Architecture, the design of objects shapes our built environment and contributes to our quality of life and our use of resources. Public interest in design is stronger and broader than ever before, but its boundaries are challenged as emerging areas of specialization expand the discipline from within, and countless professions appropriate design methods for their own ends.

Liminal Objects initiates a conference series about design that aims to identify pressing issues within the field by exploring the designed object’s role in diverse spatial practices.

Through carefully crafted discussions between designers, critics, curators and business leaders, the conference will approach design from differing points of view, studying the production of design, design in practice, and ways that institutions shape design through exhibitions and commissions. The discussion will culminate in a round table with GSD faculty and invited guests.

Media: Harvard GSD Conference on Design I: Liminal Objects -Design and the Museum

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