Innovate: Ali Malkawi, "Rethinking Simulation"


Innovation occurs on multiple scales, frequently crosses disciplines, and occasionally changes lives, cities, and culture. It is not a science, but requires design skills and must be informed by an eye for opportunity. "Innovate," a noontime talk series, features 20-minute presentations followed by discussions with faculty and students. Moderated by Iñaki Abalos, chair of the Department of Architecture.

Ali Malkawi is a professor of architectural technology and the director of the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities. His lecture will discuss current innovations in simulation and their future implication into design. Topics will include agent based technology and advanced visualization as well as techniques used to enhance or replace simulations, and their effects on the design and operation of buildings and cities.

Media: Innovate: Ali Malkawi, "Rethinking Simulation"

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