Lecture: Renée Daoust, "From the City to the Object"


As a multidisciplinary firm actively involved in the fields of architecture and urban design throughout Canada since 1988 and concerned with design at all scales, from the city to the object, Daoust Lestage inc. strives to bridge the limitations of traditional design practices and overcome boundaries between urban design, architecture, landscape, interior, graphic, and industrial design. Characterized by their ability to reveal traces of the past through a resolutely contemporary language, Daoust Lestage's projects are recognized for their strength in building a signature identity that exhibits an understanding of the clients' needs. Renée Daoust will present the evolution of the firm's conceptual approach by focusing on key projects of the past 25 years.


Media: Lecture: Renée Daoust, "From the City to the Object"

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