SCI-06446-00 - Sustainable Plants for a Changing World


Course #: SCI-06446-00 Instructors Peter Del Tredici Course Description Summary: This lecture course will focus on the nature of the interaction between plants and the environments in which they grow. It will cover both the native and non-native plants which grow in forested, designed and unmanaged urban landscapes. Each class will be divided into two parts: a lecture and a “laboratory session” featuring plant samples collected from the Arnold Arboretum. The lectures will cover a wide variety of topics, including: plant evolution and adaptation plant ecology and environmental interactions plant classification and identification plant form and function sustainability and maintenance strategies for designed landscapes vegetation responses to large-scale environmental disturbances commercial nursery practices and ornamental horticulture In the lab sessions, students will look at fresh plant specimens and learn the distinguishing characteristics of important plant families. The plant pallet will focus on species which can be cultivated under urban conditions with a minimum input of maintenance resources (i.e. sustainable). The following plant life forms will be covered: angiosperm trees shrubs vines herbaceous perennials grasses and bamboos gymnosperms (conifers and Ginkgo) annuals (including vegetables) Project: Parts of the last three classes will involve developing a planting strategy for renovating a small-scale, residential landscape utilizing the sustainable landscape principles discussed in this class. Prerequisite GSD 6241 (Ecologies, Techniques and Technologies 3) or its equivalent Grades will be based on: 1) a portfolio consisting of 12 (twelve) drawings of specific plants you growing outdoors, due Sept. 19 (20%); 2) one short papers (8-10 pages long), due Oct. 17 (20%); and 3) a long, final paper (10-15 pages long, 25%), and 4) the presentation of personal landscape renovation project (25%). Class participation and attendance will count for 10%. Required Texts Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast: A Field Guide by Peter Del Tredici (2010) Cornell U. Press Manual of Woody Landscape Plants by Michael A. Dirr (2009) Stipes Publ. Trees: Their Natural History by Peter Thomas (2000) Oxford U. Press

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