SUSTAINABLE EXUMAS (9 of 12), Spiro Pollalis


Sustainable Urbanism in Affluent Societies / A multi-year research study, under the leadership of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, will address sustainable avenues for the future of nine coastal cities in eight Persian Gulf countries. The first year of the research focuses on understanding and documenting the past, the period before oil and gas revenues had an impact on the local economy. Subsequent phases will include the present and the future. The main focus of the research is on analyzing architectural typologies and urban forms, as they relate to socio-economic and environmental sustainability. This is accomplished taking into account the local climate, the economy, the people, and public health issues. Anthropologists, urban economists, environmentalists, and public health specialists complement the architects and urban planners and urban designers. The research is in its first year and two cities, Doha and Kuwait, have been analysed and will be presented. Researchers are currently collecting data for the remaining seven cities.

Media: SUSTAINABLE EXUMAS (9 of 12), Spiro Pollalis

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