The Mediterranean: Region-Making by Design - Keynote Speaker Bertrand Westphal


The concept of region in architectural thinking has proven to be quite resilient. While the energy that it had acquired in the 90s’ with critical regionalism may have waned, contemporary inquires into a “Regional World” are looking for a new architectural rendition. With contemporary processes of region-making becoming increasingly complex, designers are compelled to address larger contexts and new problems placed on their tables (complex infrastructural systems, emerging urban formations, rural and environmental questions). As a result systematically re-addressing the question of architectural regionalism seems more relevant than ever before. With this broader examination of region as its background, the symposium focuses on the iconic Mediterranean region, interrogating it as a spatial model that reconceptualises region making. The aim of the symposium is twofold: On the one hand to revisit and challenge in a contemporary way theories and frameworks of region making with reference to the Mediterranean and on the other hand to offer a platform for repositioning architectural theory and practice as active forces within these region making processes. In this way the symposium will also complement and reflect the theme of the sixth volume of “New Geographies” journal.

Media: The Mediterranean: Region-Making by Design - Keynote Speaker Bertrand Westphal

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