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Sara Hendren (MDesS '13) is not known for drawing within the lines and she’s not easily discouraged. She started her guerrilla art project, the Accessible Icon Project, as a provocation and conversation starter 3 years ago in Cambridge with Brian Glenney.  By now it’s become a global movement, seasoned by a touch of controversy, and it landed her on the front page of the Boston Globe Saturday. Read “Wheelchair icon revamped by guerrilla art project.”

Mexico City was recently selected recently for the Rockefeller Foundation's 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge, and 6 students and alums from the GSD and HKS contributed to that success. Acting as the Agencia de Resiliencia Urbana (Urban Resilience Collective), Adriana Chávez (MDesS and MArch '14), Víctor Rico Espínola (MAUD '14), Oscar Malaspina (MAUD '13), Elena Tudela (MAUD '12), Einat Rosenkrantz (MAUD '13) and Johanan Rivera (HKS MPAID '13) collaborated with Mexico City to create its winning proposal.


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