Designing Peace: Karen Lee Bar-Sinai Profiled in New Yorker

May 07, 2013
Is Peace Possible Interactive Map

Karen Lee Bar-Sinai (LF 2013) and her design partner Yehuda Greenfield-Gilat, of Jerusalem-based SAYA studio, are profiled in a recent blog post for the New Yorker. By showing policy planners how to think more like architects, and architects how to think a little more like policy planners, the pair is aiming for the incremental shifts in attitude that could lead to a breakthrough in the peace process. "We have an obligation to devote our skills to resolving these problems,” says Bar-Sinai.

Read "Blessed are the Mapmakers” by Ken Shulman.

SAYA’s Is Peace Possible Interactive Map enables viewers to redraw boundaries, see the implications of their choices and then share the results – try it.

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News: Designing Peace: Karen Lee Bar-Sinai Profiled in New Yorker

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