James Leng (MArch '13) wins first prize in suckerPunch competition

Jan 19, 2012
James Leng, MArch '13, first-prize

James Leng's "Moon Seed" proposal won first prize in the Lunar Crater Cultural Center competition run by suckerPunch. According to suckerPunch, the aim of the competition was to consider what cultural buildings and programs would be exciting and vital for a port stop aboard a space cruise.

Leng's winning Moon Seed proposal "attempts to situate a Lunar Crater Cultural Center along a continuous timeline of human space development. This Lunar development is not the beginning, nor the final goal of humanity’s presence on the moon; it is merely a point-in-time of a perpetual, phased-project to expand human presence extra-terrestrially."

James Leng (MArch '13) recently completed a stint at the firm Renzo Piano Building Workshop as part of the GSD's Peter Rice Internship Program.

Office: Department of Architecture

News: James Leng (MArch '13) wins first prize in suckerPunch competition

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