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By Hope Hardesty, MLA '14

For the last major lecture of the fall semester, the Margaret McCurry Lecture in Design Arts, the GSD community enjoyed an evening with celebrated British sculptor and installation artist Antony Gormley. Gormley creates spaces that encourage active participation with art rather than passive observation, calling into question the exclusivity of art along with art’s relationship to design. 

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Image: Antony Gormley’s One & Other, produced by Artichoke, 2009. Photo copyright Matthew Andrews.


Design scholars and practitioners from around the world just released the Laufen Manifesto for a Humane Design Culture. They went public in a video that includes the voices of: Andres Lepik (LF ’12), Rahul Mehrotra (chair of urban planning and design), Christian Werthmann (former chair of department of landscape architecture), Martin Rauch (Austrian artist who collaborated on the Mudworks installation), Caroline James (MArch ‘14, Loeblogger and chair of Women in Development) and Anna Heringer (LF ’12), along with many others.

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