On the Bri(n)ck of discovery: Ingeborg Rocker’s ceramic design seminar

Feb 04, 2013
TRANS/hitos 2013 Exhibition

Ceramic innovations by Ingeborg M. Rocker’s (associate professor of architecture) seminar “On the Bri(n)ck” are on display at TRANS/hitos 2013 Exhibition of Architecture and Interior Design in Ceramics in Spain.

This year’s show is entitled Geometries - for geo (earth) and metria (measurement) - to signify the technological advances that increase the versatility and adaptability of ceramics for complex conditions. The On the Bri(n)ck seminar focused on ceramic material for architectural envelopes.

Ceramic units have a long history as mass-produced components in architecture, and new materials and digital and robotic fabrication technologies have fueled their reconceptualization. Ceramic building skins in particular are experiencing a renaissance as they provide flexible solutions combining efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

The On the Bri(n)ck team analyzed existing designs and production processes of ceramic units to develop several speculative strategic customizations that were fabricated at the GSD FAB LAB and Harvard University Ceramic Lab. The prototypes shown at the International TRANS/HITOS Exhibition can be aggregated for different architectural envelope designs. Strategic customization is suggested as the viable new production logic for the ceramic industry, potentially bridging wishes for customization and efficiencies of mass-production.

A GSD Junior Faculty Grant and funding from the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association supported the research by the team that included teaching assistants Stefano Andreani (MDesS '13) and Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo Lopez (MDesS '13).

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News: On the Bri(n)ck of discovery: Ingeborg Rocker’s ceramic design seminar

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