Victor Sanz (MAUD '11) is a company man

Jun 29, 2012
Bata Shoe Company, Batawa, Ontario

In the early 20th Century, the founder of the Bata Shoe Company combined American methods of factory management with the European ethic of communalism to realize a vision of more efficient working and living conditions. Victor Sanz (MAUD '11) begins his odyssey to visit the global network of Bata towns with a GSD Druker Traveling Fellowship, and shares notes of his travels with the Canadian journal On Site Review 27: rural urbanism and with us. Read "In the image and likeness. Batawa: notes on an exported blueprint in southern Ontario."

The Batawa essay is one of two by Victor Sanz in the current On Site issue. The other, "Resex: the entropic landscape of the Amazon basin," is the continuation of research done during the GSD seminar "Resource Extraction Urbanism."

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News: Victor Sanz (MAUD '11) is a company man

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