GeoWeb: Virtual Worlds as Public Infrastructure

Instructor: Paul Cote

Final Projects, 2010

The student projects linked below demonstrate a new mode of collaborative scholarship concerning the form of places. Over the course of the Spring semester at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, nine students explored emerging conventions and tools that extend the capabilities of the world-wide-web using spatial referencing and three dimensional models. Ideas concerning the past, present and alternative futures for places are shared via video and interactive three dimensional models. By providing free access to the all of their source materials, each project demonstrates how the web can foster a refreshing culture of collaboration in the understanding of places. To view the syllabus and lecture notes for this course visit the course web site.

Over the course of the semester, each student collected documents, photographs, maps, and 3d Models related to their site. These were all brought together as an interactive presentation using the open standard KMZ format that can be loaded over the web and viewed in the world-wide context of Google's Earth Browser. In many cases, the students developed original 3d models representing past or future scenarios using Google Sketchup. IN other cases students incorporated the 3d models made by others to create an urban mashup. Each project features a short web video that provides a quick introduction to the ideas that were explored and the resources created. Take a look at the videos. To examine the full project in interactive 3D with rich explanations and deep references, download the Google Earth and Sketchup files. Get inspired. Take this work and modify it to suit your own purposes -- and share your own ideas on the GeoWeb!!

The Projects