Data Model for City Visualization

by Paul Cote, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Sponsored by: Town of Brookline MIS Dept, Feng Yang Director.

This page is a place to put links to the documentation and demo datasets for the data model for city visualization prepared for the Town of Brookline in 2007. This data model is a relatively simple relational database schema that provides a stable versatile repository for three dimensional models of buildings at multiple levels of detail and corresponding to time windows reflecting their construction and demolition dates. The PDF document linked below describes this schema and the basic workflows for planning the data implementation in a municipal environment, for populating the initial repository from the data layers that are common in municipal GIS, for maintaining the data repository over time. The demo dataset is implemented in ArcGIS 9.2 and contains several useful tools that were developed for creating the Brookline instance of this model, and other tools that will perform the scene generation queries on any model that conforms to the Brookline Schema. The demo dataset also contains an ArcGlobe 9.2 project that demonstrates the level of detail swapping capabilities of this model.

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